Sunday, 16 October 2011

~A meaningful day~

Hello friends~How are you all? hope all of you are doing fine^^
Last few weeks, I have attended a counselling programme organized by our faculty.. I am glad that I have this opportunity to join this event too.. It was very meaningful for us who was encouraged to improve our studies and become much better in the future..
Anyway, it was a good experience for me and let me feel more motivated to continue my studies..  I enjoyed myself in this event and feel that it was a very good reminder to us about what our task as a student is and we have to maintain our intellectual.. 
When I looked back..Suddenly feel that the time has passed very fast..Now I am a semester 5 student and still have 3 semesters to go.. It made me feel a bit sad because soon I'll be facing more challenges in my uni life.. I had learnt lot in this university such as to be more independent, don't give up easily even when I face lot of difficulty..As what I remembered when I was semester one I was just alone and always faced every problem by myself.. What I can do was just call back to my family and tell them how I feel.. Sometimes feel like wanna give up.. Luckily, I didn't do that.. Lastly, I also struggled until now.. I hope that I can be tougher and stronger for the coming days.. I always tell myself " matter how..this is the way u that u have to be responsible for your life and go on...''
Anyway..I also have to thank my best friends who always support me no matter what..She's always by my side.. In this uni life, your appearance made my life wonderful..thanks my buddy.. 
And also my gang who always go everywhere together .. doing everything together.. Thanks u all..

Let see the picture taken during the faculty programme:
Suzwan~ Me

Sia Jing ~ Me

All of us~
Okay..that's all from me tonight.. Hope u all enjoyed reading it.. :)
Good night friends.. Sweet dreams^_^

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