Thursday, 6 October 2011

~Hello Everyone~

First of all, I want to say hello to everyone who reads my post. This is the first time I create a blog. Before this, I was not interested about this because I am not so good in writing. So, if there are any mistakes, please don't mind it. Okay, the main reason that I created this blog is because my lecturer requires us to create a blog for ourselves. 
              Our lecturer Encik Ab Aziz bin Mohd Yatim for subject Pengurusan dan Consultasi Sekolah. This is the first lecture for me after I having my holiday for four months. Anyway, the first day we have learnt new things n get new assigment to complete.
              Let's See wad's our new job for our new subject:

1. Create A New Blog

2. To Make A Video Clip
Video Clip

3.To design Brochure and Templates

Brochure and Templates
4. To Organise A Programme At School for 3days 2 night
                                                                  3 days 2 night programme

These are all our tasks to be completed... Hope that everything will go well and we can complete all the tasks as well as possible... Here I want to thank our lecturer who gives  us chance to try the new work that we haven't tried before... Hope that we will be more knowledgeable under his guidance...:)

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